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I am a working artist, small business owner and rabid, right-wing conservative who is currently apoplectic over the global warming hoax and resultant destruction of our once great country that is being perpetrated by the Left. My main concerns are border, language and culture.

Party like it’s 1999- or something like that

Check out this recent post on Patch, claiming that a Sunrise Drive parent allegedly admitted to running a beer pong party for minors at her home. (See link below)  According to the article, the woman “admitted” that she had knowingly … Continue reading

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Brick & mortar in a cyber world

Shops like mine are growing scarcer each day as real world rents compete with cyberworld advantages.  I am counting on the fact that people just love to shop.  For many of us, myself included,  it’s really a form of therapy.  … Continue reading

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My East Village Boutique in Peekskill

I am so excited about starting this blog to let the world know about my shop, Side Effects/ NY. I have been at my location at 1011 Brown St. in Peekskill for over 5 years and the store is located … Continue reading

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