Brick & mortar in a cyber world

Shops like mine are growing scarcer each day as real world rents compete with cyberworld advantages.  I am counting on the fact that people just love to shop.  For many of us, myself included,  it’s really a form of therapy.  Despite all the images you will see online, there’s nothing like coming into a real world store with nice music in the background, the smell of incense wafting through, a la the East Village circa 1968.  That is the feeling I’ve tried to create here in Downtown Peekskill which reminds me very much of the old East Village in so many ways.  Stop by to see for yourself.

Side Effects/ NY     1011 Brown St.   Peekskill, NY   10566


About Seneca the Elder

I am a working artist, small business owner and rabid, right-wing conservative who is currently apoplectic over the global warming hoax and resultant destruction of our once great country that is being perpetrated by the Left. My main concerns are border, language and culture.
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